Paradox reveal three new games

Our lovely friends at Paradox have unveiled a trio of games which they will be sending our way all of them remarkably different and interesting. The reason for the sudden revealing of three games all at once is due to the GDC (Games Developer’s Conference) where gaming news and reveals abound.

First up on our list is The Showdown Effect, created by Arrowhead Studios (those same chaps who brought us Magicka). So already we know that if there is any form of co-op mutliplayer you are going to end up killing your team-mates over and over again. However, that isn’t at all in the spirit of The Showdown Effect because it is actually a “2.5D” killing game. Where you fight, in a small zone, against friends or bots. Apparently you also get a vast degree of customisation of your character, how s/he looks, how they fight and what weapons they use.

You can check out the trailer here:

As you can see, it actually looks rather good, the art style and design is pretty nice and the combat looks fun. A good start to this trio already! Okay! Next!


Aha, now this game actually looks more reminiscent of Magicka. Dungeonland features you and friends picking heroes and then going to an amusement park built for heroes (by a diabolical evil genius who I like already). Naturally there are monsters and bosses and magic and swords and much smashing of buttons to destroy anything around the park.

But wait, all is not as it seems. Because in Dungeonland, only three people take on the roles of the heroes! And the fourth is literally the dungeon master! That’s right friends, the fourth player chooses from a variety of monsters and traps in an attempt to overcome the three brave adventurers. Sounds innovative and fun! Check the trailer out here:

Like I say, I do quite like the evil villain already. Although I don’t fully understand why he couldn’t reveal the big secret yet…


Finally, comes a fairly standard looking RTS. While you get a hero of your own as well as the standard base and army the game looks fairly run-of-the-mill and unexciting. While almost certainly a good game, there’s nothing in Red Frontier to suggest to me that this is a game worth sitting on the edge of your seat for.

I’ll show you the trailer anyway though:


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