Retake Mass Effect protest “Victorious”

Many of you will be aware of the massive outcry by fans about the ending of Mass Effect 3. Again, I still haven’t played the game so I won’t be looking into details about the ending (so once again NO spoilers here), but I did try to keep up with what’s been going on without exposing myself to specific details about the game.

A major thing is that fans of the game have actually been joining and supporting a cause called “Retake Mass Effect 3”. The aim of the cause was to raise money simply to show Bioware the extent of the fan’s disappointment with the ending. The aim was to raise $80,000 just to prove to the developers of the game that people were disappointed and willing to take action about the ending. The money however, wouldn’t be used for campaigning and it isn’t really enough to change the whole ending to the game so it is going to be donated to the gaming charity Child’s Play.

Anyway, in a recent post on the official Retake Mass Effect 3’s website the spokesperson for the campaign, Robb, said that the $80,000 had indeed been successfully raised and in doing so they had raised awareness from the gaming community and Bioware about the fan’s general dissatisfaction. He went on to claim the whole movement a success and that they had been “victorious”.

While nothing has changed as of yet, Bioware has promised to address the issues raised by fans about the ending. Bioware say they plan to release more information on the ME3 “content initiatives” some time in April. This will likely include information about DLC packs and as of now any changes that will be made with the ending of the game.

Bioware for their part seem disappointed that fans didn’t appreciate the ending as much as they thought they would, which is a shame of course. Long hours of work have gone into the game and it’s story so to see it so widely disliked must be rather a blow for the developers and designers. However, they have said they will “address the issues” so I suppose now we hope for the best that whatever solutions they come up with not only please them but please everyone else!

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