Video Mondaily – Let’s Play the Diablo 3 beta with ThatForrow

Why, ’tis Monday dear friends and as we all know that means that it is time for another bout of MMGaming related tomfoolery in whatever game we can find. This week’s videos feature this weekend’s open beta of Diablo 3 and the welcome return of ThatForrow. Actually, this allows (cunningly) me to welcome Gary aboard the MMGaming team, with college nearly done he has decided to try his hand at writing for us, so we shall see how that goes as well!

Anyway, this week’s Video Mondaily will, unfortunately have to be delivered in two parts. Today you will enjoy a couple of videos of Forrow blasting his way through part of the Diablo 3 beta on his own, and much fun will be had too. Playing as a Witch Doctor you will enjoy him killing and being amusing through the first part of the beta. However, later on he teamed up with myself and together we played through ALMOST the whole thing!

The issue with that is that while today’s two videos are already on Youtube, and thus ready for your viewing pleasure, I have been having trouble uploading the videos of both me and Gary playing. Therefore, unfortunately, we will have to wait until we post our Impressions on Friday (or so) before I can post the videos of myself and Gary having a bash at the beta. Sad times, I know…

However, Gary is, as always amusing to watch and gives introduces the whole beta to us in the next two videos! So without any more faffing about from me, here is ThatForrow’s Let’s Play of Diablo 3! Enjoy!

I will also say right now, just as sneak peak of our impressions on the game. It IS very good, the gameplay, voices, graphics, everything really was absolutely fantastic and has definitely reminded me as to why I want to buy this game! For any of you undecided I would definitely check out Gary’s videos today and his collaboration with me with the impressions!

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