Video Mondaily – Weekend Shenanigans!


Boy oh boy do we have an awesome selection of videos for your viewing pleasure today! Over this past weekend much fun was had in having the wits scared out of us in three different games: Survivors, Slender The Eight Pages and SCP: Containment Breach (SCP: CB). Three games with three different monsters that are capable of quantum teleportation (thank you Dr. Who for that one), have to be avoided and can scare the piss out of you at any given moment of time.

Thanks to the amount of scares and fun which was had in having the scares we actually now have SEVEN different videos for you to enjoy! You can watch them all now or slowly allow them to filter into your mind over the coming week, thus sustaining you until the next Video Mondaily (depends on how you take your sustenance I guess).

First up we have six different videos of Sam and James (friends of the MMGamers) playing both Slender: The Eight Pages and SCP: CB. Much laughter can be had in watching their fumbling attempts at success, especially seeing as we all know by now just how damned scary and horrifying those games are. You get extra points if you find the part of the videos where James gets scared by the ringing of a phone.

After all of that, just when you think you can’t laugh any more, we come at you again with Tim and Seb playing Survivors. Survivors is essentially a multiplayer Slender mod which me and Tim had a little crack at the other night. The game quickly cemented it’s already growing reputation as a terrifying game and the resulting video is well worth the watch.

As always we would love it if you watched all these videos but to make us ecstatic you will have you like them, maybe favourite them, comment either here or on Youtube and if we pleased enough you could consider subscribing. Also remember, if you did enjoy them, please do share them with your friends! Anyway, other than that there isn’t much more to be said other than enjoy the amusement!

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