Seb’s Skyrim Journal Part 7 – Where in the world is Orthorn

Welcome back to Seb’s Journal of his adventures in Skyrim where I have the intention of doing ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING that the game has to offer. These articles will be of some of the best or most amusing experiences I have in the game and I will hopefully be coming out with them fairly regularly. If you are interested you can see where I left off last time here.

So I may have not looked closely enough at my quest log the last time I made an entry in my journal here. It appears that I believed that the books stolen from the Mage’s College were held by the very same rogue mages who possessed the Star of Azura. Upon closer inspection though it appeared that actually the Star is on the far side of Skyrim, out of my reach for the moment. So, deciding to forgo retrieving the Star for now I made my way to Fellglow Keep after the apprentice Orthorn to try and retrieve the books he stole for the cadre of rogue mages there.

Fighting my way through the Keep proved less difficult than I had anticipated, while mages can deal incredible amounts of damage if left unchecked and their use of wards made my own spells do far less damage than I would normal they also only ever wear robes and my Skyforge Steel Axe can cut through cloth as easily as it can cut through flesh. I tore the place apart seeking the books, slaying dozens of these so called necromancers and mages who stood in my way. Some summoned flame atronachs and skeletons to try and slow my advance but even these unholy minions could do nothing to stop my strength. It took only a few minutes to find Orthorn, locked inside one of the cells in the dungeon.

I found the situation amusing, that he would betray the College only to be betrayed in turn tickled me no end. He pleaded that I release him and unfortunately I was obliged to do just that, sometimes nobility and mercy prevent me from doling out pain I believe to be deserved. He asked whether he ought to come along and help me retrieve the books from someone known as “The Caller”. I told him to make himself scare, saying that he would only get in the way. I meant it to be a light rebuff, in my experience when throwing fireballs my allies would only too often just step right into their path instead of keeping back and out of the way. He seemed a little put out by what I said though and took off into the night.

Quickly forgetting about him I made my way to fight The Caller and retrieve the books from her. The battle was intense, her skill with magic was far greater than any of the others in her cadre and I found my skills sorely tested. We battled around the circular room of her tower, throwing fire and lightning at each other, I would occasionally close to swing at her with my axe and she in turn summoned  pairs of minions to attack me. Even my Thu’um only seemed to distract her, and there were more than one or two close moments where I thought I might not survive. After the hard fought battle though I eventually succeeded in getting close enough to her and, in one fell blow, I removed her head from her shoulders. Exhausted I grabbed the books and made my way back to the College.

Once again, as happens too often in my life, I was side-tracked and spent some time doing some alternate quests around Skyrim and quickly became known as the Thane of Winterhold (and due to some bug in the game I was told to retrieve the Helm of Winterhold… Again…) as well as heading to a dragon roost just north of Fellglow Keep. This proved to be the single hardest fight of my entire career in Skyrim. The dragon itself guarding the dragon stone was no ordinary dragon, but in reality defeating it was not overly difficult. What was difficult was the sudden appearance of a wraith of unbelievable power and dread. Krossis he was called and he struck at me with ice colder than liquid nitrogen. More than once I was frozen by his hand and had to try again to kill him. Eventually, through more luck than anything else, I managed to set fire to the spectre and put him down where he belonged. I examined the corpse thoroughly, but other than a mask which shared it’s master’s name there was nothing to enlighten me as to who Krossis was. I worry that there might be more wraiths like him around Skyrim, for if there is one then there are usually more. Undead working in League with the Dragons… I can’t pretend to understand but I hope to become more enlightened soon enough.

Eventually I arrived back at Winterhold to find that Orthorn is nowhere to be found. The slimy double-crossing bastard… I ordered him to return and to admit to his crimes and face judgement, but once again it appears that providing mercy was a mistake and now he has once again disappeared into the cold wastes of Skyrim. Who knows what sort of trouble he could create even now. He could, right at this very moment, be committing the most unholy experiments on the innocent of Skyrim. While I do not believe I should have done anything different I do worry now how much trouble this man will cause for me at some later date, for I do not believe I have seen the last of him.

Returning to Urag gro-Shub I returned the books and then he informed me that there were indeed some interesting passages within them regarding the giant orb which now floated in the centre of the College. With my eye on the prize and my mind enlightened with knowledge I went seeking Tolfdir, we are now one step closer to solving the mystery of this strange contraption.

Books, a dragon and some weird undead wraith, life is never boring for Sabor. Let’s hope that next week he continues to enjoy the prosperity he has been recently!

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