The Humble Bundle 5, Limbo!

The video is now up! Watch it at the bottom of this post!

Well then, the Humble Indie Bundle has been and gone yet again… What has it blessed us with this time around? Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Limbo, Psychonauts and Superbrother: Sword & Sworcery EP.

I was mainly relying on the video I had made to do the majority of the talking with the short piece of gameplay and chat at the beginning. For those that dont like videos, ill try my best to sum it up into words. Don’t expect the works of Shakespear.

For now, we will be focusing on Limbo! Limbo is a very eerie and dark 2D sidescroller game in which… Well… To be honest I don’t know what the main objective actually it. I just run to the right and try and survive. The player is given very little or no information on what has actually happened leading up to the beginning of the game or what is actually happening throughout the game. It would appear that the entire game is through one level, split into chapters. With nothing to aid the story in any way, no voice acting or cut scenes I try to create my own story to fit in with what I play, im sure everyone else has their own version of this story.

The game does well at giving you those moments where you genuinly fear for the life of your character. I know I fear for him. I think that the fact that you play a character that either is a young boy or resembles one you make some sort of sorry connection to him and his relentless attempts to kill a massive spider that can kill him in a single strike and wont leave him alone. I mean really… That thing does not give up.

More often than not, the puzzles placed in front of you are life threatening. Making you take those extra cautious steps when you see something suspiscious in your path. The main thing that stands out to me in this game is the number of times you can die over and over again on the same puzzles and not be disheartened or even begin to feel like giving up. I never normally get deep or serious over anything but when I get down to thinking about it, you really want this kid to succeed in whatever it is he’s trying to do.

Throughout the entire game you encounter spiders, dog things and other people. Heads up on the other people, they want to kill you for no apparent reason. They will try to crush you, shoot you or burn you… All while retreating to some unknown fortress to plot their next attack on you. If you manage to endure their enslaught they eventually give up for a while… and… you miss them. You miss their familiar silhouettes entering your screen and instantly panicking because you cant see what trap they have set for you this time.

Ill try to keep this post short-ish as to not go too deep into the game. Wouldnt want to spoil it for anyone but I would most definitely recommend it to anyone that lays eyes on this post. It is a fantastic game and you should add it to your personal gaming history as soon as possible.

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