Tower Wars – Tower Defence/Attack (Video Impressions)

Tower Wars is Supervillain Games’ shot at making a multiplayer tower defence game, which recently seen its release on Steam for £6.99 (About $11).  Ingredients for this game: take your Tower Defence genre and add the multiplayer element, here we have the base of the game. Now add a dash of Real-Time Strategy, being careful not to add to much, finally add a very generous lump of Steam Punk style and leave to bake for 25 – 30 minutes… No but in all seriousness this is a very fresh and brand new type of game in our eyes.

Tim and I took the reigns of the Beta and headed straight for a 1v1 battle to the death with no knowledge of what on earth to do with the game. The entire feel of the game is quite fluid but does get you panicking if one thing goes wrong. The Steam Punk style really comes out through the turrets you build to defend your castle and in the soldiers, with their quirky names and appearance. Tim and Seb are off on holiday so sorry for the empty week guys! We ARE still alive, I promise! Check out the video and you can see exactly what the game is like.


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