MMGaming Discusses: Batman Arkham City

Hello everyone and welcome to our second MMGaming discussion of a game. This time the featured game is Batman: Arkham City (at last) and the MMGamers who will be talking about it are: Tim, Ali and Me! Just as a note before it begins, this is an article that will be posted AS WELL AS […]

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Arkham City DLC: Fail DLC is Fail

According to this post from Joystiq, the next batch of DLC for Arkham City will be hitting us on December 20th. The new DLC will feature some challenge maps that were, I believe, only available to certain people (those who had pre-ordered from certain places like Ali did). These challenges maps are Jokers Carnival and […]

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I am the night…

Because he’s the hero that Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now… So we’ll hunt him… Because he can take it. Because he’s not a hero, he’s a silent guardian… a watchful protector… A Dark Knight!

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Why you money grabbing…

Now we all know that video games make a lot of money these days. And while I’d rather not admit it, most of the big companies will probably only focus on the money aspect of video games, rather than make video games because they love doing it and love their products, and so are probably slightly […]

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Four Extra Hours of Bat-Awesome?

Holy extra-gameplay Batman! If you live in the UK you can apparently pre-order the nardgasmic Arkham City from Tesco (Tesco does games now?) and you will get a code for an extra four hours of gameplay. FOUR HOURS? Basically with the code you will be able to download something called The Joker’s Carnival Challenge Map. […]

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