Song of the Week – Malukah’s Dragon Shout level is over 9000!!!

In honour of my love for Star Wars and my approval of The Old Republic it was my intention to find some awesome Star Wars music to be this weeks song of the week.

However, after hearing singer Malukah (channel Malufenix) on Youtube I forgot about my intentions and started to hum the Skyrim theme again.

And then she started singing in Dragontongue and I started throwing money at my computer screen again. This is a recurring habit of mine when something awesome happens and so far it hasn’t really done anything except get money everywhere and get me all in a tizzy…

Anyway! I suggest you sit back, chill out, play this awesome cover of the Skyrim Bard Song/Main Theme and feel like a Dragonborn all over again… (Pfft… as if you ever stopped)

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