Speaking of…

As I just made a post mentioning Halo, I might as well make another one! Last week I must have been slightly blinded by drink or maybe I was simply just too busy fapping to… I mean hearing about Skyrim to notice anything else. Whatever the reason, I somehow completely failed to notice or make […]

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ODST – Feet first into hell!

Halo has always inspired a rather impressive level of devotion in it’s fans but this level of fan-made awesome simply takes the biscuit. A group of Halo fans have put together a TV series called Halo: Helljumper. Centred a single ODST, or Orbitial Drop Shock Trooper (aka: a Helljumper) soldier from his enlistment in the […]

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Halo Creative Director Leaves

Well… like it says in the title, the head of the creative team for Halo 4, Ryan Payton, has quit and moved on to pastures new. Frankly I wish him well but it still strikes me as surprising that you would want to leave such an amazing project as Halo… For the full details, instead of […]

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