New Assassin’s Creed for Gree

No you haven’t read the title wrong. Apparently Ubisoft plan to release a new Assassin’s Creed game solely on the Gree platform, and that’s all that’s known about the game right now.

If you’re still confused, allow me to explain. As far as I can tell Gree is phone type console-device-thing… Which is not available in Europe yet and has a release date of sometime in 2012. According to Eurogamer: “It’s a Japanese mobile and social gaming platform designed to connect gamers with high quality content. For developers, it offers a “fully borderless” cross-platform network of iOS and Android players”.

As well as that it also apparently boasts 7500 free apps, a focus on free-to-play games and a playerbase of over 190 million people. Just quoting Eurogamer there… I’m pretty sure I misunderstood that last part… I mean if something had over 190 million people using it, I think I would have heard of it by now…

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