Valve Box – NOT Coming any time soon

There were recently rumours about the possibility that Valve might be making a console, commonly referred to as a Steam Box (or at least I called it that). Well, bad news anyone who thought this was a good idea as it has been confirmed by Valve that they are NOT making a console, nor have they any plans to do so any time soon.

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Mass Effect 3 – Issues and Success

The recent release of Mass Effect 3 has been met with a some success and some issues for the team at Bioware.

There have been complaints about the From Ashes DLC which was released on the same day as the full game itself, there has been issues with transferring save files but despite this Bioware still have done better out of Mass Effect 3 than both the previous Mass Effects! Read on for more detail!

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The Last of US Sceenshot

Game Informer has released a trio of screenshots from Naughty Dog’s upcoming survival shooter. The screenshots haven’t revealed very much other than the game is very pretty and that it will, at least partly, be set in Pittsburgh in the US. You can see the other two, as well as a little more, new, information about the game after the jump.

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SOPA: Right, fuck this! Let’s Riot!

Picture semi-related…

Okay so this might instantly strike you as not a very serious post but I absolutely urge you to take a minute to read this and to take this seriously because we might well be seeing that start of something truly horrific. The destruction of free speech and free will that the internet allows… Now this is first and foremost a gaming website but I (alongside other gamers out there actually) have to say that this is definitely worth making a post about and as such definitely worth a look.

Now I will do my best to explain SOPA but, for reasons I will mention in the next paragraph, I am definitely not the most advised person on this subject. I suggest you skip to the bottom of the post and check out the videos I post there or that you go here: What I am doing right now is simply trying to make anyone reading this more aware of what’s going on (everyone should be told) and you should do the same! Watch the videos and then tell everyone you can to check out the site I just linked!

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