Copy-Pasta News Post

Yeah… so… You already know. You must. It’s only on every Gaming News site in existence. But just assuming you prefer to get your news from us (Heeeeeey!) we’re going to tell you about it as well!

So anyway, a little while ago, Bethesda got a little bit raj at Notch over Notch’s new up-and-coming game Scrolls because the name Scrolls is “too similar” to The Elder Scrolls. So anyway, Bethesda decided to sue Notch in order to make him change the name to something that doesn’t distract from Skyrim (or confuse our little brains).

In response, Notch challenged Bethesda to a Quake 3 match for rights over the name. Which, I have to say it again, is so bad-ass!

Unfortunately it turns out that Bethesda have decided against the Quake idea and are taking Notch to court.

Damn… My dreams of gaming companies forever settling disputes in this way are finished with… For now…

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