World of Warcraft 4.3 Hits Us

Despite popular belief, yes people still play World of Warcraft. And despite Tim’s belief I still believe the game to be not only worth following but worth playing. And trust me, if I had enough money and a lot more free time then I WOULD be playing it. I mean of course due to my maturity I would take breaks in order to play stuff like SWTOR but I do think that I would eventually return to WoW (although SWTOR was damn good…) because it’s evil regime has worked and it’s succeeded in programming me to be just another one of it’s mindless drones.

Aaaaanyway… Patch 4.3 goes live at some point today (or WENT live at some point today if my brain is behind schedule). 4.3, or Hour of Twilight is the final patch for Cataclysm and will feature the usual plethora of new features, dungeons and items. I can’t really be bothered listing them all, so just check the official site okay?

It will also feature Deathwing as the final raid and you know what… a lot of the new content sounds REALLY cool. The trailer is also REALLY cool.

I mean, this may just be the programmed Seb talking but I do think Blizzard does a lot of stuff right and one the things it does is grandeur and awesome. Nobody could ever accuse WoW of not being absolutely epic.

Anyway check out the trailer here. I can’t watch it too much unfortunately because it brings my wallet out in me… And then I try and renew my subscription which is JUST SO WRONG! BAD SEB!

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