Defense Grid DLC Features Portal

If you love Tower Defences (and let’s face it, some people do) you might well have bought Defense Grid on Steam. If not it has got quite a few good reviews and a pretty damn high rating from Metacritic (according to Steam anyway) so if you feel like it you could always try and buy it on Steam for $6.99.

Anyway, I make this news post to tell you all that Hidden Path Entertainment have announced some story DLC for Defense Grid which includes new game modes, new challenge maps and will be worth $4.99 on Steam (or 400 Microsoft point on XBLA). For anyone who likes Defense Grid or Tower Defences then I will also add that this DLC, called You Monster, will be released on the 7th of December.

I haven’t really followed Defense Grid because I’m not usually a fan of tower defences (with one notable exception) but this DLC caught my eye as it will feature GLaDOS from Valve’s Portal and if you know me at all, then you know I love Portal and all things Portal related.

Anyway, if any of this has interested you in any way, then you might want to check out the trailer for the DLC, titled You Monster:

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