Indie Royale Christmas Bundle

I give up…

I said, a long time ago, that I would keep you guys up to date with the Humble Bundle and new releases of Bundles. Well as a mark of loyalty to them I WILL try and keep up to date with the Humble Bundle. But actually there are now at least another three Indie bundles out there that you can spend a small amount of money on and get some awesome games.

In fact there are now so many you will now be spending small amounts of money SO often that you actually won’t really be saving anything any more… Anyway, I give up… I can’t keep up with them. This Indie Royale Christmas (I refuse to call it XMas on principle) Bundle is just another in a long line!

It does contain some awesome games though. We’ve got the Blackwell Trilogy (Remastered), EETS, Dino D-Day and The Oil Blue, and this one runs out in 13 days (or just after Christmas folks!).

Bundles… Bundles never change…

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