Some DLC to excite and amuse

This week see’s two bout of DLC coming out, for those of us interested. Later on this week will see us being able to play as the overpowered Locust general RAAM in the Gears of War 3 (by Epic Games) DLC “RAAM’s Shadow”. Set before the events of Gears One, RAAM’s Shadow will involve crushing some puny humans and probably the usual Gears of War over-the-top, blood-thirsty combat… Sounds good!

The other bout of DLC coming at us is some DLC for our old friend Dungeons of Dredmor (now that’s something I haven’t thought of in a while) by Gaslamp Games. Called “The Realm of the Diggle Gods” it will feature the usual sort of thing you can expect in a fantasy RPG DLC. New items, levels, dungeons, bad-guys and spells. Sounds about right!

You can also check out the new trailer for the Realm of the Diggle Gods here:

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