I Am Alive Gameplay Trailer

The action, survival game set in a future post-apocalyptic world (as all games are these days) developed by Ubisoft Shanghai (if that’s any different from normal Ubisoft then I’m not aware of the difference… perhaps it’s just location of the studio…) is set for release for the end of this winter on  XBL Marketplace and the PS Network.

There hasn’t been any specific date other than the end of this winter, so that does mean sometime early 2012 but I can’t pin it down any further. Anyway in order to make sure people don’t forget some Gameplay footage has been released to tease us.

On paper the whole premise of the game sounds rather intriguing. Rather than your Fallout post-apocalyptic world things here will be a lot less stable with humanity scavenging and fighting each other from scraps in order to survive. It definitely sounds cool.

But enough from me… Check the trailer out here:

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