Mass Effect 3 save files – Keep them too!

Associate producer for Mass Effect 3, Mike Gamble, said in a recent interview with Gamerzines that it “might not be a bad idea” to hang on to your saved games for Mass Effect 3 after completing it.

Naturally this has fired up the rumour mill into a frenzy, especially as he didn’t really go into specifics. It could just be so you could play some planned DLC for the game but, what if there are more Mass Effect games planned. Maybe games that won’t have Shepard as the protagonist but the decisions you make as Shepard will continue to define and change the galaxy beyond even his games (as would make sense).

But what if it’s something else! What if there will be a new trilogy with Shepard, just as there is soon to be a new trilogy with Master Chief. What if after dealing with the Reapers he has to go on another epic quest to save the galaxy! Naturally there is no proof for any of these thoughts but already my mind is ablaze with the possibilities.

I love Mass Effect and it’s upcoming release has me in a tizzy almost as much as Skyrim did last year. I think that any new games set in the ME universe would please me, regardless of the protagonist…

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