Mass Effect 3 Space Edition – where are they now?

I made a post fairly recently about copies of Mass Effect 3 being sent into space (inside balloons, I discovered even MORE recently) and then when they landed, whoever got to them first would be able to open them and get their hands on a bunch of lovely Mass Effect goodies and free, early edition of the game.

Well Eurogamer have given a detailed report on what happened to the various copies that were sent skyward. The launches in London were both recovered, fairly quickly. As were those launched from Las Vegas and New York.

The copy launched from San Francisco apparently landed in some private property and EA were, by the latest reports, trying to retrieve the copy and take it to a more fan-friendly location.

The launch from Paris was, unfortunately, not allowed to take off (to much disappointment I imagine) and the launch from Berlin hasn’t been reported on yet (although I assume no news is good news).

All in all, what an absolutely crazy idea of a publicity stunt… And I’ve never been more jealous in my life…

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