Assassin’s Creed 3 – Nothing is True…

Ubisoft have revealed the box art for the covers of Assassin’s Creed 3 after some concept art was leaked earlier today. It confirms what the concept art suggested that the next (and final) instalment of the Assassin’s Creed series will be set during the American Revolution. Our new Assassin wears an military coat that was fairly standard for the period along with some fetching fur trousers. Apparently we also get a gun now and a tomahawk along with every weapon from previous games I imagine…

As well as this, to fully confirm the revolution time period, the American flag in the background is the original version of the American flag used throughout the war against the British.

While the news of a new Assassin’s Creed game sets my pulse racing and sets my loins ablaze, I have to say I’m a little confused about the whole time-period they are using. for one thing it was made pretty clear in previous games (in the side puzzles and things like that) that the founding fathers of America were notorious Templars. So the fact that the cover art features our new hero stabbing the face of a Redcoat surprises me a fair amount, does this mean we are working for the Templars now and there’s going to be a dramatic betrayal? Or have Ubisoft just decided to ignore that bit of canon?

More than that, Templars have supposedly always been at the centre of power in the world (the games state this fairly explicitly), and I’m sorry I don’t care how proud the American’s are that they beat us, but Britain was easily the strongest power in the world from in between 1750 to around the start of the 1st World War. So I have to admit I was hoping for the final historical Assassin to run around the streets of Industrial London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow… Call it being nationalistic if you like, but I just think it would have made sense.

And beside, they are making an American assassin who’s going to go around stabbing Brits… pardon me if I don’t feel a little bit affronted by the fact that, once again, WE are the bad-guys…

Anyway, ignoring my qualms with the setting, I’m all set for another batch of awesome coming our way from team Ubisoft. Nothing is true! Everything is permitted!

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