The Legend of Dead Kel – now with 15% more houses

That title up there is in fact a very clever play on the fact that the second batch of DLC for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, the Legend of Dead Kel, not only apparently features 15% more space on what is already a world rivalling that of Azeroth in size, but also will allow you to own a gigantic castle/home/place on an island.

There will be the usual DLC features you would expect for a fantasy game as well: news quests, NPCs, enemies, bosses and loot. As far as I can tell the most interesting thing is that you now own a castle to go back to and drink mead in with the other adventurers when they stop being so serious all the time.

It’s due out the 20th of March across all platforms and will cost 800 microsoft points or $9.99. Sorted.

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