Bioshock Infinite Teaser Trailer

Featuring a montage of gameplay footage, a soft and light-hearted piece of music and a buxom sorceress the new VGA Trailer for Bioshock Infinite features a full 1 minute, 12 seconds of video awesome. After Bioshock 2 my excitement for Bioshock games has been tempered with an attitude of “it’s always going to be the same” but […]

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Winter-een-Mas is coming…

While we may not have mentioned it much yet, here at MMGaming we are all set to get into the Christmas spirit! Unfortunately for me my Christmas spirit won’t really kindle until after my last exam on the 20th. And Tim’s will only get started a little earlier as his last exam is on the […]

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Left 4 Dead Fan Film in the works

If you are after your daily dose of awesome then look no further! For I have here a teaser trailer for an upcoming fan-film of Left 4 Dead! Directed by a bloke called Adrian Picardi, along with a group called Airsoft GI, the film is apparently coming “soon”. The teaser trailer I have for you after the jump admittedly doesn’t […]

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