Skyrim Update 1.4 Beta on Steam

Wait… What? Yeah, you heard me right. Update 1.4 for Skyrim which is due to be released soon on PC and Consoles is actually available in Beta form on Steam. So you can actually get all those delicious bug fixes already! You know… while they aren’t finished… It has been said that you should take […]

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Project Zomboid: Upcoming Update

Here’s something we haven’t heard of in a while! Project Zomboid! Still in Alpha stages and still not really close to completion but still slowly shaping up to be an absolute monster of a game full of difficulty, challenges and zombies all after your delicious, delicious brains. The sheer scope of the developer’s intentions for […]

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Skyrim: Update coming soon

The full details of the next update coming for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim have been released by Bethesda. Euorgamer were very kind to post the full list of changes and updates and I’ve simply copied and pasted them in here after the jump. So you can check them out wherever strikes your fancy. The main change […]

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New Minecraft Update

The first update for Minecraft since it officially became a game was released earlier today. A list of the new features are provided after and jump, or you could check out the official site! There isn’t really any difference between the two as I just copy-pasta’d it into the article! Hurrah for laziness!

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In Other News: Skyrim DLC

Taking a break from the relentless flow of trailers and gameplay footage which has absolutely blown me away over the last 24 hours, and left me a hopeless shadow of my former self as I curl up in front of my computer begging for more, I feel I ought to make a quick news post […]

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Skyrim Patch 1.2

This week has seen the release of patch 1.2 for Skyrim on XBox 360 and PS3 (earlier this week) and PC yesterday. The patch, like patch 1.1 (which went by unnoticed by me), is comprised of lots of bug fixes. Naturally of course this means that by fixing some bugs some other new ones have […]

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World of Warcraft 4.3 Hits Us

Despite popular belief, yes people still play World of Warcraft. And despite Tim’s belief I still believe the game to be not only worth following but worth playing. And trust me, if I had enough money and a lot more free time then I WOULD be playing it. I mean of course due to my […]

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