The Hobbit Movie Trailer

I had to post this. I’m sorry it’s not related to games. But it is simply necessary. No, more than that… It is absolutely VITAL I make a little post here to tell you that The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien is finally nearing completion! An announcement trailer was released on the 19th by […]

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iOS Keeps Me Warm This Christmas

  So it is the Christmas holidays and you may be visiting family/socialising/other meaningless tasks. What do? Well don’t let this stop your ridiculous gaming obsession! I fancy speaking to you about a couple of iOS games I have picked up over this 2011 Christmas holiday and why you should get them too! Now just to warn […]

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      Hi folks, greatly appreciate people commenting on articles, asking us stuff and generally contributing to discussion – its GREAT. To conserve a bit of personality and consistency though, you will need to register and be logged in now to comment. Please don’t let that put you off, we love to see regular commenters perhaps […]

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I Am Alive Gameplay Trailer

The action, survival game set in a future post-apocalyptic world (as all games are these days) developed by Ubisoft Shanghai (if that’s any different from normal Ubisoft then I’m not aware of the difference… perhaps it’s just location of the studio…) is set for release for the end of this winter on  XBL Marketplace and […]

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Lego Lord of the Rings

Now that we have the serious stuff out of the way, it’s time to talk more about Gaming! So yeah! As the title and picture suggest, there is a Lego: Lord of the Rings Game in the making and it will be coming out next Summer. Now I’m not jumping up and down with excitement, […]

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