Neptune’s Pride – MMGaming suffers another loss

It is a sad day for MMGaming, and the galaxy, as the second Rock, Paper, Shotgun community Neptune’s Pride epic has been completed (well technically I was in the third game but that’s not important).

As you can see from the Star Map above, it did not end well for me. I decided to ally myself with the Yellows (called elephant god), through thick and thin. Eventually Yushi (the red) attacked the both of us because he was simply twice as strong as both of combined.

I was actually offered second place you know. Yushi offered me second place if I attacked elephant god. But I stuck by my alliance and it costed me.

Yushi swore to eradicate me and he did, cutting right through the yellow defence in a matter of hours he took most of my worlds pushing me from a good second place to a paltry third (and that’s ignoring the two large Empires that went AI about half-way through the game). War is hell…

Like Tim my game sort of petered out, with people going AI even earlier. Me, elephant and Yushi were the only ones who stuck it out, but in doing so it removed what is the best part of the game, the whole diplomatic side of it. Anyway, you can expect to see my diary of the game coming out fairly soon. I am trying to contact the other players and hopefully will get some of their notes as well…

All in all though, for the most part, I enjoyed the experience and think that if you have the time and money, you really SHOULD give this game a go.

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