Endweek News – Release Dates, Interesting Stuff and Videos

Release Date city

There are two pretty big release dates to inform all you folks about and both are for March next year.

First up is Gears of War Judgement, the next Gears game which will be a prequel for the whole series and will follow Damon Baird and his own crew of four and has been set for a 19th of March release date by Epic Games.

The other big release was revealed on the Amazon UK website which states that Splinter Cell: Blacklist will be coming to the UK on the 29th of March next year.


Colour Me Intrigued

There are actually quite a few little bits and pieces that have caught my eye in the last two weeks, little games that I’ve never heard of before but which actually look pretty damn promising!

The first thing which caught my eye, Among the Sleep by a group of Norwegian post-graduate students, I noticed via an interview with the games developers on Eurogamer which is probably well worth a read for anyone interested in the game. The game however sounds really rather fascinating and the trailer is absolutely terrifying. It’s a game all done from the first person perspective of a two year old toddler who wakes up in the middle of the night, with all his family soundly asleep and then has to escape the monster which has entered his house. Slated for a release some time next year the game has caught my attention instantly and I think might well be pretty fantastic! You should check the trailer below!

Next up we have another Indie Horror game. This time the game in question has already been released and is absolutely free so you can go and download it now. Slender by Parsec Productions is based on the infamous myth of the Slenderman and is genuinely terrifying. You can head over to the official site to download the game and if you aren’t sure you could always head over to our own Youtube channel and watch me play it!

The next thing which interests me isn’t so much a game rather than the mechanic IN the game. The Human Element, a multi-platform, open-world zombie, horror survival game (because there aren’t enough of those) will allow the collection of in-game items via out of game exploration. The system comes with a fairly simple example: if you are injured in game and don’t want to risk exploring the game world for gear to patch yourself up, what you can do is head outside IN THE REAL WORLD head to a local pharmacy or drug store, maybe pop into a hospital, open up your portable version of the game (on your iPad or whatever other device they will allow you to use) and it, using a connection with Google Maps will notice your location and reward you in-game for it. This is a game which rewards its players if they actually go outside!

But… But… Why? I mean, that’s pretty cool and nifty and all… But I thought the purpose of a video game was so that we could avoid going outside!

Next up is ANOTHER student made game… Seriously what am I doing with my own time…? Grim by MorePolygons looks to have a fast and furious pace. Lots of explosion, lots of rocket jumping and it might actually by quite good fun. You can check the trailer out below or you can head over here to download and try out the beta!

Next up is just a pair of trailers for a game I previously was unaware of by Cyanide Studios. Of Orcs and Men takes the standard video game premise of the noble humans fighting for their lives against the savage green-skins and turns it on it’s head by making the humans racist and oppressive where it is now you the Orc who is fighting back for your very survival. I’ve actually always wanted to play a game where you play as the Orcs, they were my favourite race in World of Warcraft and I feel sometimes a bit of a misunderstood race… It’s not easy being Greeeen! Check the two awesome trailers down below!

And finally, another trailer and another interesting game, if a little less epic than Of Orcs and Men. Unmechanical from Talawa Games actually does look a pretty neat little puzzler and reminds me an awful lot of the rather enjoyable Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, you can check out the trailer below and agree with me!



Videos and Trailers

So many videos and trailers to show you! Can you feel the awesome? You must open yourself to it… Let the awesome flow through you!

First I’d like you to all head over to Kotaku in order for you to have a look at the recently leaked trailer for Project Copernicus, the Kingdoms of Amalur MMO which will never be released (it doesn’t allow embedding).

What I’ve got for you here is (in no particular order):

  • A trailer for Among the Sleep
  • A first look at Grim
  • A pair of trailers for Of Orcs and Men
  • A little glimpse of Unmechanical
  • The awesome live action trailer for Rome II: Total War
  • An also awesome, if not quite as much, live action trailer “Rise” for Assassin’s Creed 3
  • Another trailer for Resident Evil 6, extensively featuring Leon
  • A lovely little trailer for Borderlands 2 with some jungle tunes
  • Following that we have the completely average looking trailer for Seven Kingdoms the Game of Thrones MMO
  • Next some developer diaries by Vostok Games on Survarium
  • Then we have the unbelievably good trailer for Beyond 2 Souls and the behind the scenes footage of how they made it
  • And then finally we have the teaser and then official trailer for the Halo 4 Online Series: Forward Unto Dawn which is absolutely EPIC!

But we’re all tired now, we’ve been looking at the news for ages, and even this much awesome is tempered by the fact that it’s all some fairly serious stuff. So let’s chill out and get some tunes going with MMGaming’s Song of the Week: Tonight I’m Fragging You!

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