Retake Mass Effect protest “Victorious”

Many of you will be aware of the massive outcry by fans about the ending of Mass Effect 3. Again, I still haven’t played the game so I won’t be looking into details about the ending (so once again NO spoilers here), but I did try to keep up with what’s been going on without […]

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Mass Effect 3 – Just Cause

With the release date for Mass Effect 3 fast approaching there isn’t really much more to be said about the game other than “Oh-em-fucking-gee! I cannot wait!” That said, there has been a little bit of anĀ announcementĀ from Bioware regarding the morality system for ME3. This prompted the rather clever title up at the top there. […]

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Sabor117’s Mass Effect 3

  I think it’s reasonably safe to say that of the MMGamers, I am the one most looking forward to Mass Effect 3. Tim will most likely play it through at some point as may Nick. Josh seems fairly keen on it. But honestly since I played Mass Effect about two years ago followed swiftly […]

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Mass Effect 3 Official Launch Trailer

Bioware have released the official launch trailer for Mass Effect 3. It’s a couple of minutes of emotion-draining and courage-inducing awesome. Everything about it makes you want to be part of the Universe that Bioware have managed to create. And more than that, they’ve made me (somehow) even more excited and desperate to get this […]

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